Low metabolism

Some patients with low metabolism have normal blood test results according to their doctor. However, in our experience, the conventional metabolism test, TSH, is not always sufficient.

Typical symptoms of low metabolism include fatigue, lack of energy, increased need for and problems with sleep, low capacity, long recovery period, memory and concentration problems, reduced cognitive abilities, weight issues, dry skin, brittle nails, etc.


Our clinic offers a holistic approach to cancer treatment. We recognize that cancer is multifactorial and therefore we work from a comprehensive perspective when treating cancer, and give our patients a thorough and wide-ranging review of the issues we believe need to be addressed and the tools they can use in their fight against cancer.

Central to our approach is the treatment with high-dose vitamin C for patients with cancer. High-dose vitamin C is a gentle treatment that has been used in several clinics in Denmark for the past 15 years.

Atherosclerosis and heavy metal toxicity

Our clinic offers treatment for atherosclerosis with intravenous EDTA, including claudication intermittens, window shopper syndrome, smoker’s leg, stents, balloon expansions, heart cramps, angina pectoris, atherosclerosis of the retina, complications from diabetes/diabetes, etc.

Additionally, EDTA treatment can be used to chelate heavy metals from the body.

Other issues

In addition to low metabolism, cancer, and atherosclerosis, our clinic has gained experience over the years with many other issues, including lifestyle diseases, autoimmune disorders, stress-related disorders, psychological disorders, etc. The reason why we have positive experience with many other issues besides our specialties is that, as mentioned, we consider the body as a whole, and since many diseases are a combination of several issues, we often have success in helping the patient by adjusting the whole rather than focusing on individual factors.