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– Medical consultation with Søren Flytlie (approx. 2 hours, including relevant blood tests and dark-field microscopy examination): 3950,-

A consultation is about you and your issues. For example, low thyroid function, cancer, atherosclerosis, or something completely different – see our experience under treatments. Write the topic when making an electronic appointment. The consultation includes the following blood tests as standard: blood type test and thyroid function test or fatty acid profile, in addition to examining your blood through dark-field microscopy. If you are interested or the doctor finds it relevant, oxidative stress tests, antioxidant capacity tests, heavy metals, or other tests can be taken. See description below. You will receive all information and guidance in writing. Depending on the situation, you may be recommended a follow-up check.

– Medical consultation in connection with IV therapy (EDTA or vitamin C) from another similar treatment center: 2500,-

If you have received a consultation from a collaborating clinic and want to move the treatment here, you can get by with a shorter medical consultation with Søren Flytlie.

– Double Consultation (approx. 2.5 hours, including relevant blood tests): Save 1200,- (600,- per person)

For 2 related persons. Spouses, parents, children, close friends, etc. It is necessary to call to book this type of consultation.

– Follow-up consultation with Søren Flytlie with dark-field microscopy examination: Before 6 weeks: 800,- After 6 weeks: 1400,-

Follow-up consultations can only be ordered by phone.

Doctor statement: 500,-

A doctor statement can be written for several different problems. Write an email with an inquiry and arguments.

– Renewal of prescriptions: 200,-


– Dark-field microscopy examination: 900,-

With a small drop of blood, the blood can be examined for many different things, including the immune system, acid-base balance, red blood cells, radioactivity, liver problems, heavy metals, and much more. You will be able to follow the entire process yourself.

– Blood type test: 250,-

The test is taken to exclude the few things in the diet that can provoke the immune system and thus burden health. Answer on the same day.

– Thyroid function tests: 600,-

Free T3 and free T4, which are taken in the clinic. Response time by email approx. 12 days. (It is also possible to have a blood test at your nearest hospital, the price is 600,- and the answer within 1-2 days, write an email and we will order it for you)

– Fatty acid profile: 700,-

The ratio between omega-3 and omega-6 is incredibly important for the function of all cells; if there is too little omega-3, the cells do not function properly. Answer after approx. 14 days.

– Food intolerance analysis: 3500,-

Blood test measurement of hypersensitivity to the 80 most common foods. Expected response time of at least 14 days.

– Blood tests for external labs.: 600,-

We can assist with the extraction and possible centrifugation of blood samples for external laboratories. Note: Some blood sample kits do not fit our system.

– For other blood samples, write for prices and options.

We can assist with almost all types of blood samples, either with us or at your local hospital. Write an email with your requests. Prices vary widely from sample to sample between 100-1600 DKK.


– Intestinal flora analysis: 2200,-

Easy and easy-to-use intestinal flora analysis that can be done at home. The test finds all beneficial and harmful bacteria in your digestive system. The test is purchased from us and taken home. Based on the test, a complete diet plan is also made with the aim of balancing the body. Test results about 3 weeks.



– Intravenous vitamin C treatment (weight and needs matched): 1100-1600,-

Intravenous high-dose C-vitamin for all forms of cancer treatment, poisoning, infection, inflammation, etc. Treatment is weight dependent to obtain the correct dose, given between 25 grams and 100 grams of pure vitamin C. There is the possibility of a supplement. With a terminal declaration from the government, there is a subsidy for treatment – read more under treatments. Treatment lasts between 2-3 hours. PEMF treatment can be obtained simultaneously with each C-vitamin treatment. Purchase of EDTA 150 DKK.

– Purchase of glutathione for IV. treatment (per 1000 mg): 300,-

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant just like C-vitamin. This can advantageously be combined with intravenous C-vitamin treatment. Used, for example, for very advanced cancer.

– PEMF – Pulsating Electromagnetic Field Treatment: 350,-

6 treatments 1500 DKK. Did you know that your body is electric? The cells are influenced by energy through an electromagnetic mattress, and the body is easier to heal. “Every activity of our cells can ONLY, take place due to electrical impulse. PEMF is a benefit for mankind from infant to the geriatric, and will lead to a change in the paradigm of medicine.” – Dr. Linus Pauling, Double Nobel Prize Winner.

– Intravenous alkaline treatment: 1050,-

If the body is heavily acidic, an alkaline infusion can make the body basic. Treatment lasts between 2-3 hours.

– Ozone Therapy: 900,-

Ozone therapy can be given both rectally and intravenously and is relevant in many different types of disease cases. Treatment lasts about 20 minutes. Currently not active. Coming soon.


– Intravenous EDTA treatment: 1150,-

EDTA or ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid is a crystalline substance used to treat atherosclerosis and heavy metal exposure. The substance acts as a chelator, and it is used as a sodium salt to bind metals in complex form. Treatment lasts about 3 hours. PEMF treatment can be obtained simultaneously with IV treatment.

– Shipping of dietary supplements, IV treatment, and remedies: 100-250,-

Expected delivery time with GLS 1-4 days.





Doctor Søren Flytlie gives a lecture titled “The doctor’s guide to NATURAL health”. Presented in a fresh and simple way. A pragmatic and broad approach to health. Duration of approximately one and a half hours including time for questions.

Søren Flytlie is a trained medical doctor and a self-proclaimed perfectionist, especially when it comes to treating the underlying causes of his patients’ health issues and promoting their overall health. He places great emphasis on using natural remedies to treat his patients, with synthetic and prescription drugs being a last resort.

The essence of Søren Flytlie’s treatment approach is that he views his patients’ challenges as multifactorial, and that the factors that are most significant for each individual can vary. He believes that once these factors are identified, the treatment strategy can be tailored and the areas of focus can be prioritized. Despite his perfectionistic approach, Søren Flytlie acknowledges that he does not know the whole truth about “optimal health”, but he always strives in that direction.

The lecture may include information about: Low thyroid function (free T3), Dietary supplements, Blood type diets, Oxidative stress, Atherosclerosis, Cholesterol, Blood pressure, Osteoporosis, Teeth as a cause of disease, Acid/base balance.

Contact us to describe your wishes, and Søren will get back to you.

The Doctor’s Guide to Natural Health

Presented in a fresh and simple way. A pragmatic and broad approach to health. Duration of approximately one and a half hours including time for questions.

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