Other Issues

In addition to low metabolism, cancer, and arteriosclerosis, the clinic has over the years gained experience with many other issues, including lifestyle diseases, autoimmune disorders, stress-related disorders, and psychological disorders, etc. The reason we also have positive experiences with many other issues besides our specialties is that, as mentioned, we view the body as a whole, and as many diseases are a combination of several issues, we often have success in helping the patient by adjusting the whole rather than focusing on individual factors…

We have experience with:

– Acne

– Alzheimer’s

– Anxiety

– Asthma

– Autoimmune diseases

– Candida

– Colitis Ulcerosa

– MB. Chrons

– Diabetes

– Eczema

– Fertility – help with pregnancy

– Food intolerances

– Arthritis

– Memory

– Migraines

– Parkinsons

– Psoriasis

– Fatigue

– Heavy metal load

– Vaccine injuries

– Weight loss

– Recovery

– Pain

– Sleep

and more….

Listen to one of our patients, with psoriasis arthritis, tell about his disease, his experiences with us, and as he says, the film is unedited: