Guidance for doctors

For doctors

Thyroid is an old known medication that has been used to treat low thyroid function in Denmark for more than 100 years. In the pharmacology books of that time, Thyroid was described as a “well-functioning preparation with very few side effects”. When Eltroxin was invented, it became the primary treatment as it was believed to be easier to control the dosage of Eltroxin.

When free T3 is evaluated, it is important to compare it with the patient’s symptoms. The normal value usually ranges from 3.9-6.8, but like all other tests, normal values are based on measurements in healthy individuals and cannot be taken as a definitive checklist of whether the patient is sick or healthy. Most people feel well-treated when free T3 is in the upper third of the normal range, that is 5.8-6.8.

Thyroid can be prescribed from either Germany or the Glostrup pharmacy. If sought from Glostrup, an authorization for dispensing magistral formulated medication must be obtained as with any other. Some people believe that Thyroid Erfa from Germany (made in Canada) is better, but it is probably a matter of taste and is likely individual.