Cooperation partners

We have ambitions to become part of the best clinics in the Nordic countries and make our mark on global health. To achieve this, we need to have a broad range of the best and most relevant practitioners and partners in the house.

In addition to Doctor Søren Flytlie, nurses, and other staff, we work closely with other independent practitioners in the clinic to offer our patients a “full package” and to have a holistic approach to health. We all have a focus on the whole person and recognize that the mind and body are interconnected. We all have our specialties, but if a practitioner faces a challenge that cannot be solved, we usually know someone who can.

Note: Appointments are made by contacting the individual practitioners.


Susanne Rames and clinic assistants Mia Mette Rosenmay and Amila Allagic have a biological medical approach to dentistry. Susanne Rames has taken numerous courses, including from the Paracelsus Private Hospital in Switzerland. Appointments are made only with referral.


– Jette Goller Kloth – offers psychological counseling, healing, and meditation for individuals, organizations, and employees in organizations, as well as value-creating board work. Jette has an overall understanding of complexity and interaction as well as an understanding of the detail, and has a holistic understanding with a focus on creating balance and positive energy.

– Gita Saadatjou has experience in treating severely traumatized people, helping them regain joy in life, increase mental health, and well-being.

Body Therapy:

– Karin Sulsbrück, is a craniosacral therapist and a trained physiotherapist who can restore balance in the nervous system and body through the central nervous system.

– Lasse Kildevæld, runs the company Århus Hovedpineterapi. Lasse is a trained physiotherapist but has expanded his profession and specialized in headaches and their many causes. The website will be up soon. Until then, please contact 22 15 58 53.

– Mogens Warming, is a RAB-certified Nordlys masseuse and body therapist from Nordlyscenteret in Silkeborg, as well as a medically certified physiotherapist. In addition, he has courses in Trigger points, Sound massage, Wellness massage, Tensegriti Therapeutic Touch, Essential massage, and Dorn treatment. He has also taken a course in Chi Nei Tsang – Organ massage with instructor Leigh Blyth from London. As a Nordlys massage therapist, he works with the relationship between mind and body and the release of physical and emotional traumas through the body. He also works with conscious awareness through the work of Beyond Coaching.


– Jane Borlev, has a PBA in nutrition and health and is a trained NHT®-counselor in Natural Hormone Therapy. Jane is a former cancer patient herself. In addition, she teaches about a toxic-free lifestyle at the Center for Natural Hormone Therapy and is a course and lecture speaker.

Dietary guidelines:

– Gitte Møller is a trained diet counselor from Lene Hansson and a former cancer patient.


– Melissa Ekin Brigante, is a psychotherapist who runs a mental health and support clinic, open to individuals and couples without referral. She has a degree in psychology and experience in large-scale disaster response internationally through her work with the UN, Red Cross, Oxfam, and Red Crescent Society. As an experienced crisis management professional and mental health first responder, she also offers counseling and training to organizations interested in psychological first aid, awareness of prevention of mental health and crisis help. She is the founder of Mindset Aarhus, which strives to offer its services to the international community in Denmark and Danish citizens who struggle to get timely referrals for mental health purposes. She speaks English, French, and Turkish and can be contacted at 28837079.

Therapeutic practice

– Kirsten Hinz, is an experienced nurse who can help treat various balance values in the body through electromagnetic tools that measure and treat at the same time. Consultations are conducted in English or German.

Colon therapy:

– Maiken Andersen, is a trained nurse with 15 years of experience in colon hydrotherapy, a field that is too little focused on in the healthcare system and the influence of the gut and gut bacteria on our health. In addition, she has a holistic approach to health and is also a lecturer and author.

PEMF + Clean Water

– In the clinic, we have entered into a collaboration with VitaLife. We have a common passion for creating healthy people. They specialize in water machines and PEMF mattresses, which means Pulsating Electromagnetic Field. Both water and mattresses can play a crucial role in your health. We have both clean water and PEMF mattresses available in the clinic. VitaLife has also lent us the nice chair in the reception that everyone is welcome to try. Call VitaLife and they can tell you much more: Tel.: +45 51171838.