About cancer treatment

The Clinic offers a holistic approach to cancer treatment. We recognize that cancer is multifactorial, so we work with cancer patients from a comprehensive perspective and give our patients a thorough and comprehensive overview of the issues we believe need to be addressed and the tools that can be used in the fight against cancer. Our experience clearly shows that the more things that are done, the stronger the body is and the better the chances of positive results. In the clinic, we have all the different specialist groups that may be needed.

Initial Consultation
During the initial consultation, as many issues as possible are covered that may have an impact on the situation. After the initial consultation, where we review diet, lifestyle and various other treatment measures, time can be booked for high-dose vitamin C intravenous treatments. In some cases, other things such as ozone therapy, artemisinin, or curcumin infusion may be recommended.

Different Cancer Forms

The treatment can be used for all cancer types. In the clinic, we have experience with the types: breast, bone, prostate, liver, kidney, uterus, lung, pancreas, gallbladder, ovary, intestine, brain, lymphatic cancer. We continuously gather patient stories that can be read in the clinic. We accept patients with cancer in all stages.

High-Dose Vitamin C

The central treatment offered at the clinic is high-dose vitamin C therapy for patients with cancer, immune deficiency, or toxicity. This treatment has been used at several clinics in Denmark for the past 15 years. Read this open letter from our colleagues at IOM in Lyngby about the benefits of high-dose intravenous vitamin C therapy. The treatment includes a high dose of vitamin C, administered as a drop, which means a small needle is inserted into the arm and the medication is directly delivered into the bloodstream. Each treatment takes approximately 2 hours, during which you sit in the clinic under supervision. Aside from the initial small prick, there are no discomforts during the treatment. You sit in a comfortable recliner where you can put your feet up and have time to read a good book. Depending on the stage of the disease, different intervals are recommended. If the condition is critical, we usually recommend twice a week. If the condition is slightly progressive, approximately once or twice a week. If the condition is stable, we recommend once or twice every 14 days. This can be adjusted based on the development of the disease. Each treatment costs between DKK 1200-1500, depending on weight. There are reimbursement schemes available, see below. If a patient is declared terminally ill, there is a DKK 300 discount per treatment. If a patient travels from far away, it may be possible to receive treatment at home, but we still require visits to the clinic approximately every 14 days so we can monitor the patient’s condition. The number of treatments depends on many factors. The more positive measures taken, the better the chances of helping the body. After each treatment, you can continue your daily activities without considering that you are undergoing intensive treatment. However, there may be cases where a slight fatigue is experienced due to cleansing.

Reimbursement from: Public Health Insurance
As a member of Group 2 (read more:) Group 2 in public health insurance, you can get approximately DKK 200 refunded per treatment invoice (0101 consultation). However, you must submit the receipted invoice to your regional billing office.

Reimbursement from: Sygekassen Danmark
As a member of Group 2 in Sygekassen Danmark, you can get approximately DKK 80 refunded per treatment invoice (0101 consultation).

You must submit the receipted invoice to Sygekassen Danmark.

“… So just two days after the scan, I started on intravenous Vitamin C treatment. For the first few weeks, I received it once or twice a week, then once a week, and now after a year, I receive it approximately every 14 days or every 3 weeks. It has turned out to be the best decision I have made in my life. From having cancer throughout much of my body, it is now greatly reduced, and what remains is stable… or as a doctor described it, it’s as if your tumors have been hit by something… you must be doing something right… you’re our miracle patient. But they do know what I’m doing. I’m receiving the treatment that all cancer patients should be entitled to receive. It should be a choice in the established system. Think about a year ago, I could do nothing. I was in a wheelchair.”

– Charlotte L.

“…I was first diagnosed with breast cancer (tumor in right breast) in 2013, when I was 52 years old. I underwent a breast-conserving surgery and declined follow-up treatments. I did everything I could to live a basic lifestyle, exercising and using kinesiology and acupuncture. In November 2019, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my right breast again. The diagnosis was cancer in my right breast with spread to the muscles, with a suspicion of spread to other parts of my body, as there were shadows on my rib, right lung and left kidney.

I started contacting Flytlie and began treatment with IV vitamin C twice a week in November 2019. In April/May 2020, I was called by a cancer doctor from Skejby who offered me a PET scan. After the PET scan, the same doctor called me and said that there was nothing on the PET scan that lit up, and the lymph nodes also looked really good. He sent me to a conference to see if I could be operated on and get ‘free’ of the system, as he said, I shouldn’t be kept as a chronic cancer patient.”

– Gitte N.

“….. I am a 60-year-old woman who was diagnosed with cancer in my right cheekbone lap one year ago. The tumor was the size of a large mandarin. I was immediately operated on and unfortunately only half of the tumor was removed. ……After 30 rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, I was supposed to undergo double-dose chemotherapy, but only lasted 2 days as my bone marrow completely shut down and the treatment was stopped. So what was I to do? I thought my immune system should fight the tumor, but it was completely depleted after the chemotherapy. So I started high-dose vitamin C and dietary supplements, and my own treatment included cannabis, high-dose vitamin C and dietary supplements. I go for a control scan every 3 months. The first time I was scanned, the tumor had shrunk, and the second and third times it shrank further. I have just been scanned for the fourth time and there was nothing measurable left :)”

– Anne S. L.