Appointment Scheduling

How a typical course proceeds (Important)

As we are a private clinic, we work a bit differently than you may be used to. Here is an overview of a typical course.

  1. You find the information you need or contact us to find out if we can help you with your issue.
  2. An appointment for a doctor consultation is scheduled via the APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING button. The consultation is always with Dr. Søren Flytlie, and before the consultation, a INFORMATION FORM is filled out via the button next to it.
  3. Before arrival. Feel free to bring a friend or spouse as there may be a lot of information. There is an elevator and wheelchair-friendly facilities. Be sure to plan your parking before arrival. See under contact.
  4. Arrival at the clinic. After the welcome, specific blood tests will be taken by one of our sweet nurses. The expected total time is approximately 2.5 hours.
  5. The first part of the consultation is an initial interview based on the information form, blood tests taken by the public can be accessed by Søren with consent. As many issues are addressed as possible. Additionally, Søren will look at your blood in a dark field microscope. Then there is a coffee/tea break where Søren Flytlie himself gathers all the information in a file.
  6. In the second part of the consultation, Søren Flytlie will present his advice and treatment proposals. All guidance is collected in a personal file and given to the patient. Treatment proposals may involve other therapists. In some cases, a follow-up consultation is recommended typically after 8-12 weeks.
  7. Action is taken, and you can begin working towards a better life. If complications arise or anything else arises along the way, contact us. If it is an intravenous treatment course with EDTA or high-dose vitamin C, this can be started after a consultation. There will be ongoing guidance from all personnel.

If you need help with appointment scheduling, or have a serious illness or other issue that requires our attention in a short time, please call 53827083 and we will make sure you can start as soon as possible.

  • We are open for new patients.
  • Appointment scheduling is used only for consultation. Press appointment scheduling, press consultation (do not log in), select time, and fill out information.
  • Fill out the information form efter online or phone appointment scheduling.
  • If you want to start Intravenous treatment, a consultation must be made first.
  • Appointments for intravenous treatment such as EDTA and high-dose vitamin C, as well as blood tests, are made via telephone.
I have 100% support from my girlfriend, family, my employer, I am grateful and happy that I have come so far.
Gitte, breast cancer
I just want to say a thousand thank yous for getting my life back, it can’t be said enough times.
I go for a control scan every 3 months. The first time I was scanned, the tumor had shrunk, and the second and third time it shrunk even more. I just had my fourth scan and there was nothing measurable left 🙂

I go for control scans every 3rd month, the first time I was scanned the tumor had shrunk, and on the 2nd and 3rd scans it shrunk further, and I just had my 4th scan and there was nothing measurable left 🙂


I go for control scans every 3 months, the first time I was scanned the tumor had shrunk, and it continued to shrink further on the second and third scans. I just got scanned for the fourth time and there was nothing measurable left 🙂

I have now rounded 69 and have gone through 3 very serious cancer journeys – and actually can’t remember having felt better in many years.
I have now overhauled my diet from the bottom up and eat according to my blood type. I think about everything I put in my mouth, both liquid and food. My teeth also needed a checkup. Indeed, it turned out that three wisdom teeth were inflamed around the root. They were all removed. The effect of it all in my world, nothing less than fantastic.

The first 2-3 years before the cancer was discovered, I always felt so sick. Now I wake up every morning and look forward to life.